Like Mother Like Daughter


About Coco

Hi there, I am Coco. I am married to a Detention Officer for the County Jail (who I love very much), and a full time mommy to one amazingly cute baby. I stay at home which is what lead me into crafts, to keep my sanity. I like to scrapbook and create notebooks along with the other crafts I do. I have an issue with ribbon… I’m addicted.  Most women have obsession with purses or shoes, but I on the other hand freak out with ribbon sales and make a trip to the ribbon isle every time I step foot into Michaels.

About Bobbi

This is about my mom, since she wasn’t cooperative enough to write her own, so I will write it for her.  Bobbi is married to her best friend (from what I hear) and mother to five children (I’m her favorite) and grandmother to the cutest baby in the world (I made that grandchild!) She enjoys crafts, a little too much, ask me about re-organizing her craft room, I have evidence of addictions. Bobbi loves chocolate (note: I was not named after chocolate, I believe that addiction came after my birth). She makes Hot Cocoa everyday, and will drink it hot or cold. I think that summarized her in a nutshell, speaking of which, she is a nut. She is super crazy but lots of fun.